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Project objective

The specific objective of the project is to run laboratories and teams that develop, prepare, investigate and optimise advanced materials and technologies for their preparation for the application sphere.

Areas of specialization

The centre is focused on the preparation of highly pure materials, special alloys, bio-medical materials, development of materials for high temperature applications and power engineering, preparation of materials by advanced powder metallurgy technologies (magnetic materials, friction materials, composite materials, etc.), preparation of nanocrystalline materials based on non-ferrous metals, their alloys and steels prepared by severe plastic deformation, research of processes running in the liquid phase of reactors that affect the utility properties of materials, physical and mathematical modelling of processes materials forming, including forging, and application of the obtained findings in research an development of technologiy of forming the components for nuclear power engineering equipment. The complexity of technological solutions of material-technological issues is further deepened by investigation of degradation processes of materials caused by corrosion, high temperatures, stress states and embrittlement due to the hydrogen effects, and their impact on degradation mechanism and safety at operational applications. 

Young generation

From the material point of view, there are new advanced materials, but also traditional structural materials, such as steel.  In connection with the development trends of the world economy and the increasing demands on quality construction materials, there has been stabilization of the situation and significant development of the Czech steel industry in terms of quality, efficiency and competitiveness of production. However, young people's interest in studying traditional technical disciplines has not fully recovered even with help from developing companies demanding relevantly educated graduates. There is therefore other objective of the project  to create the necessary technical support to increase the interest of young generation to study material technology disciplines.

Infrastructure and material security 

Part of the objective is the improvement of infrastructure and material security to increase the number of students in the research, development and innovation at universities, improve the quality of training of future R&D workers, the ability of graduates to use advanced technology and apply the latest scientific achievements into practice.