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Research programs

  1. Development and optimisation of new technologies of highly pure materials, special metallic alloys and intermetallic compounds with defined structures and physical properties for applications in electronics, medicine, mechanical engineering and chemical industry
    Head of research programme: prof. Ing. Jaromír Drápala, CSc.
  2. Development and optimisation of processes of powder technologies for production of selected types of materials and products
    Head of research programme: doc. Ing. Kateřina Skotnicová, Ph.D.
  3. Control of specific properties of intensively rolled and thermo-mechanically processed materials using their structural potential
    Head of research programme: prof. Ing. Ivo Schindler, CSc.
  4. New sources of strength and toughness of materials for demanding technological applications
    Head of research programme: prof. Ing. Bohumír Strnadel, DrSc.
  5. Research of metallic materials with ultrafine-grained structure (nano-structure), and development of processes for their preparation
    Head of research programme: prof. Ing. Jaromír Pištora, CSc.
  6. Experimental verification of new technological procedures for metallic materials with high quality parameters
    Head of research programme: Ing. Jaroslav Pindor, Ph.D.